Bloo Kid 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch2019-20-07

Bloo Kid 2 by Winterworks is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Get ready to jump, run and swim through this old-school platformer.

New player animation2018-04-27

Our protagonist got a makeover! Read this post to find out more about our amazing new fully animated player sprite.

Game controls polished2018-04-06

This week we worked on polishing the aiming of the charged hammer as well as implementing the gamepad controls.

The Spitting Plant2018-03-30

Learn more about what's so special about the latest enemy we've added to Tiny Thor.


This week we've addressed some fundamental design problems involved with our hammer mechanics.


Lets introduce the hive to you in this blog post.

Scale me up, Scotty!2018-03-09

Find out why scaling up a game while keeping the retro-vibe isn't that easy.

Tiny Thor sprite revised2017-11-30

Henk revised the player sprite from scratch. Have a look here how he's done it (yes, there is some magic involved).

Camera logic in a 2D Platformer2017-11-25

Getting the camera right in a classic 2D Platformer is not as easy as it might seem at first.

Tiny Thor will feature original OST by Chris Hülsbeck2017-08-14

We are excited to announce that legendary video game composer Chris Hülsbeck will compose the complete soundtrack for our upcoming platform game Tiny Thor.