Updated demo with new levels2023-02-08

We have just released an updated demo with new levels. Oh.... and we have a publishing partner now.

When is Tiny Thor going to be released?2022-07-24

We've finally changed our minds and decided NOT to break Duke Nukem Forever's development time world record.

Welcome to Svartaflheim2022-07-02

The second overworld map

Midgard Worldmap Teaser2022-06-20

A first video of our overworld map

How I completed a project I abandoned 5 years ago2021-12-30

"Game development is hard. Finishing a game is even harder. So what do you do when you're 99% done? Sure, you throw everything away and start all over again."

The Queen Bee2021-06-24

Here are a few impression of another boss fight: Let's welcome the queen Bee.

Tiny Thor Demo2021-06-16

Tiny Thor Demo is available during the Steam Next Festival.

World Map2021-06-12

Have a look at the world map overview of Midgard. The land where the adventure of Tiny Thor starts.

Queen's Quarter2021-06-05

Here's a sneak peek of the final stage of the first world in our upcoming game Tiny Thor.

Feature on Nintendo Enthusiast2021-03-30

Tiny Thor is an innovative, beautiful platformer from a development dream team.

Tiny Ghosts2021-03-20

Beware of these little ghosts. They mostly attack in groups. Fortunately, they are afraid of a targeted throw with a magic hammer ...

The Stonecrusher2021-03-13

Here is a short teaser featuring the first boss encounter in Tiny Thor.

Visual FX2021-02-13

This week we've added some more visual fx to the game.


Disgusting slimy snails stand in the way of our hero. Looks like they're afraid of hammers flying around.

Spore Bumpers2021-01-22

You'd better watch out plumbers, Tiny will leave you behind with these spore bumpers.

The Jelly Crate2021-01-09

It's a little bit wobbly but could be of some good usage for our hero.


The wraith is a spooky enemy that can't be defeated.

The Ice Vortex2020-12-11

Learn more about the ice vortex. Tiny Thor can use his hammer with them to create slippery platforms.

The Crystal Fortress2020-11-14

Watch how a pretty basic idea like toggle blocks on and off makes up for some pretty interesting situations.

The Kraken2020-10-29

Watch an early preview of our new Boss Fight against a kraken...

Critters & Fireflies2020-10-10

For once Tiny is not jumping and throwing things, but instead chills on the lakeside with some new critters ;)

New updated gameplay teaser2020-08-22

We thought we should do a new updated gameplay montage of some Tiny Thor Gameplay. Here we go...

Ice Fortress Environment Preview2020-08-01

Have a peek behind the brand new Ice Fortress Tileset!

Bats And Statues2020-07-18

This is the start of Level 19. It seems that the bats have agreed with the statues to defeat our hero Tiny Thor.

Highspeed Sliding2020-07-04

For the ice-themed world in Tiny Thor, we currently working on some high speed sliding passages.

Wind Zones2020-06-27

Get blown away by our latest feature we're currently prototyping and evaluating for Tiny Thor... ;)

The Cube2020-06-20

Here is a brand new section of our game Tiny Thor where our hero encounters a mysterious cube: A place which unveils quite a few secrets... ;)

Yikes!!!! Spikes!!!2020-06-06

Our hero goes deeper and deeper into the underground. What will await him at the bottom?

The Cave shaft2020-05-31

We've added some nice decorations and some subtle animation to our cave tileset. Have a look in this new video.

Caught in the web2020-05-23

Have a first look at an exhilarating scene featuring our ninjy spiders.

Are you ready for some 8-Bit Sounds?2020-05-16

Take a listen to a brand new ingame track Chris is currently working on.

Angry Pill Bugs chasing tiny boy2020-05-09

Sometimes Life is like a rollercoaster. A tiny 8-yo boy got chased down in a dark cave. He narrowly escaped the certain death.

Tiny, row the boat ashore2020-05-02

Everybody knows Vikings are well-versed seafarers and so is Tiny Thor.

Hammer and Crate shenanigans2020-05-01

Hold on tight Tiny! Here is another small gameplay snippet showcasing hammer and crate shenanigans in our game Tiny Thor.

Gameplay Teaser2020-04-26

Watch a new video that contains different gameplay scenes from our upcoming game and a pumping ingame track by Chris & Fabian.

A Boy and his box2020-04-19

We built a level in Tiny Thor centered around taking this cube all the way with you.

Quack Quack Quack2020-04-17

Have a look at our froggies - a new small enemy.

First Graphics & Music Preview of Niflheim2020-04-10

Have a first listen to one of our ingame tracks and watch the beautiful new ice world we just started to work on.

Twinkle, twinkle little bat, how I wonder what you're at!2020-04-03

Don't wake up the bats! Our bats are lightning fast, at least after they've been slapped awake by Tiny Thor's mighty hammer.

Videogame water is lava. It is known.2020-03-28

Let's have a first look at a new level, Steffen is working right now.

Elevators & Switches2020-03-20

Sometimes a mighty hammer comes in handy...

Say hello to our 'Pill Bugs'2020-02-04

Let's have a look at a new enemy that can only be defeated with a special attack by the player.

Hammer VS Crates2020-01-28

Steffen implemented some puzzles that utilises our new features which includes crates.

Bloo Kid 2 is available in the Nintendo eShop2019-11-27

Bloo Kid 2 by Winterworks is now available in the Nintendo Switch eShop. Get ready to jump, run and swim through this old-school platformer.

Bloo Kid 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch2019-07-20

Bloo Kid 2 by Winterworks is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Get ready to jump, run and swim through this old-school platformer.

New player animation2018-04-27

Our protagonist got a makeover! Read this post to find out more about our amazing new fully animated player sprite.

Game controls polished2018-04-06

This week we worked on polishing the aiming of the charged hammer as well as implementing the gamepad controls.

The Spitting Plant2018-03-30

Learn more about what's so special about the latest enemy we've added to Tiny Thor.


This week we've addressed some fundamental design problems involved with our hammer mechanics.


Lets introduce the hive to you in this blog post.

Scale me up, Scotty!2018-03-09

Find out why scaling up a game while keeping the retro-vibe isn't that easy.

Tiny Thor sprite revised2017-11-30

Henk revised the player sprite from scratch. Have a look here how he's done it (yes, there is some magic involved).

Camera logic in a 2D Platformer2017-11-25

Getting the camera right in a classic 2D Platformer is not as easy as it might seem at first.

Tiny Thor will feature original OST by Chris Hülsbeck2017-08-14

We are excited to announce that legendary video game composer Chris Hülsbeck will compose the complete soundtrack for our upcoming platform game Tiny Thor.