When is Tiny Thor going to be released?2022-07-24

Our game Tiny Thor has been in development for a very long time now. We even made the mistake of announcing a release date several times, only to epically miss it (it's always the same with these lazy developers).

We've finally changed our minds and decided NOT to break Duke Nukem Forever's development time world record. Furthermore, we will complete and release Tiny Thor in 2023 (for real! seriously! I promise!).

Seriously, we're really happy with the state of our game right now. There are still some features missing, but they are manageable (actually, most of the stuff is to polish things up). In fact, for the first time in development, our to-do list is getting smaller instead of bigger (if only there weren't those stupid bugs. GRRRRR!!!).

We have more great news (and a concrete release date) to announce soon, but it's still a bit too early for that - so stay tuned.

Ah.... one more thing: our world map is now completely finished. Here you can see the last part of the Overworld Map (but this part still has a surprise for the players which we will not spoil):

And if you're interested in how something like this is made, here's a time-lapse of how our artist Nauris had made it from scratch:

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