Here are a bunch of damn cool people who have worked on Tiny Thor.

Viola MehlanProject Assistance / PR

Viola likes good food and knitting. She even has her own (german) youtube channel

On Tiny Thor she is helping out with Project Managment, PR and Social Media.

Henk NieborgArt & Animation

Henk did define the art style and did most of the character design and tilesets for Tiny Thor. He is one of the most popular pixel artists and has contributed with his art to dozens of projects, like Lionheart, Adventures Of Lomax, Contra 4, Shantea 2 and Xeno Crisis.

He is currently working on his own longliving dream project Battle Axe which was successfully funded on Kickstarter. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Emmanuel HennéConcept Art

Emmanuel is working in games since the early 90s and has worked for clients like Deutsche Bahn, Crytek, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts. He has also teached game design and art workflows at Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar.

He was the also the one responsible for the basic idea to make a game around Tiny Thor (back then when he participated together with Jochen at the Ludum Dare game jam.)

Check out his website.

Chris HülsbeckMusic

The coolest thing about Chris is that he currently travels the US in a motorhome and highly customized mobile studio from which he contributes music to games.

His work is included in projects like Star Wars Rogue Squadron Series, Turrican, Giana Sisters, Tunnel B1, Extreme Assault, War of the Worlds and Doctor Who: Legacy. His achievements also include 3 of the highest funded music Kickstarter campaigns in recent history.

He has also an amazing patreon project going on where he creates new original music that can be used royalty-free (!!!). If you want to support him, please check out his Patreon.

Fabian Del PrioreMusic

Fabian has contributed music to more than 120 projects like Worms 2, Extreme Assault and is well known as scene musician under his handle Rapture.

He was musically involved in the first symphonic game music concert in the world (outside Japan), which was the opening concert of the Games Convention 2003.

If you want to support him, check out his Patreon.

Jochen HeizmannCode

Jochen thinks Babylon 5 is the best sci-fi show ever created and that we would have been in a better world if object-oriented-programming (OOP) was never invented.

Jochen does all the coding and tools and tries to convince other developers that Unity is not the only way to create games. He's the founder of Asylum Square.

Nauris AmatnieksArt & Animation

Nauris spends most of his days drawing pixel art for various projects and developing his own small indie games. He's also an avid fisherman on his off time.

As a side project he creates pixel art asset packs.

If you're interested in all that and more, you can follow him on Twitter.

Steffen KünstlerGame Direction, Game- & Level Design

Steffen loves all kinds of play and fiction and feels there's a big overlap between cooking a meal and making a game. Most of his days are spent tinkering with levels and scraping his brain to come up with things that are fresh, fun and, most importantly, work out in the actual game. He learned the ropes in the industry at Gameforge and has turned freelance / indie a few years ago.

He's also a huge pixel art fan and creator. If you're looking to enrich your twitter feed with more nerdy art stuff, here you go.

Andrew BadoArt & Animation

Andrew has contributed his great pixel art to companies like Gameloft and WayForward and is also working on his own games. You should definitly check out his games on steam. You can also support him on Patreon or follow him on Twitter.