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Asylum Square Interactive GmbH(based in Alpirsbach, Germany)
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About Asylum Square
Asylum Square is an independent games developer, based in the Black Forest in Germany.

We grew up with game systems like the Sega Master System, S/NES or the Commodore Amiga and C64. In 2014 Jochen founded Asylum Square to create games he would have loved to play back then and there on the living room carpet.

To achieve this we work together with a bunch of very talented people and industry veterans. Some of them even were part of those original, inspiring experiences and have joined us on our current endeavours.

Tiny Thor is a 2D pixel art platformer dedicated to the greats from the 16-Bit era with modern game design sensibilities.

Thor's mighty hammer Mjölnir is at the core of the gameplay. Tiny will defeat dangerous foes, solve tricky physics puzzles and overcome challenging platforming with the help of bouncy trickshots of his trusty tool. This makes the game feel unlike any other platformer - because it cleverly mixes in elements from Breakout, Pinball and Golf.

Jump into a colorful adventure through a norse-mythology inspired world and slip into the shoes of an 8 year old god who will need to outgrow himself to meet the challenge.

FeaturesA love letter to the 16-Bit area


In December 2013, Jochen participated in the Ludum Dare 28 Game Jam. An online event where game developers try to do a game from scratch within 48 hours. A proto-Tiny Thor was born.

A year later Jochen still liked the basic premise of the game and decided to put some more work into the prototype, improving gameplay and the artstyle.

But the project really took off when Henk Nieborg - a veteran pixel artist - created some mock ups based on the concept. Inspired by this Jochen decided to increase scope of the project. Henk started working on the art, Jochen rebuild the engine from scratch and Steffen Künstler, a former colleague and game designer, joined the project to improve the gameplay side of things.

After lots of iterations the games identity and core mechanics were found and refined, and the developers really felt like they have something unique on their hands.

When Chris Hülsbeck agreed to compose the game soundtrack for the game, the dream became more and more tangible as another of Jochens idols lend their talented hands for his game.

In October 2019 Asylum Square was the first team that got accepted in a new funding program from the german government. Development started full-time and the pixel artists Andrew Bado and Nauris Amatnieks joined the project to speed up the process.

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